Young Leaders United




What We Believe

Lake Area United Way believes that there is so much to fight for, so much to change.  Today, our community is faced with difficulties and many uncertainties.  We strongly believe that the key to overcoming these challenges lies within the hearts and minds of young leaders in our community.

Our Mission
Young Leaders United (YLU) is on a mission to connect, convene, and catalyze young leaders, ages 21 – 35.  Our members represent the rich diversity of our community and include men and women of different race and ethnicity, religious beliefs, political points of view, and socio-economic status.  We are united in a common vision for our community - a community in which every child, regardless of socioeconomic status, has equal opportunity to succeed and reach their fullest potential.  A community where the elderly are cared for and are able to age with dignity.  A community that is founded on strong, loving, thriving families.


Membership Benefits  

  • Connect to a community of like minded men and women
  • Gain new leadership experience and exposure
  • Expand your professional network and build relationships with seasoned leaders in our community
  • Advance the mission and reach of local non-profits
  • Make a positive long lasting difference in our community  


Membership Investment
Your sweat equity = your annual membership dues.   Young Leaders United members are required to commit to volunteer 10 – 12 hours per year serving as a Campaign Executive for Lake Area United Way’s Annual Community Campaign.

Campaign executives receive communications, storytelling, and sales training and assist in interacting with local employers that host a workplace campaign.  A workplace campaign is an annual pledge drive, during which, employees are asked to make a financial pledge to support United Way’s Annual Campaign.  Campaign executives help support successful workplace campaign by providing materials, giving presentations that highlight the impact of United Way, and coordinate employee engagement events that include volunteering and fundraisers.


Questions?  We’ve Got Answers!

Brandi Adams, Senior Relationship Manager
219-923-2302 ext. 307