Reinforcing United Way’s Commitment to Organized Labor

Recently an incident occurred at United Way Worldwide involving Organized Labor, which presents an opportunity for us to clarify--and celebrate--our long, strong history with Labor.

United Way Worldwide (UWW) is the headquarters for our international network of over 1,500 local United Ways like ours here in Lake County, and the ones in Porter and LaPorte counties as well.  Each local United Way is completely independent.  All decision-making and control is under the power of our local volunteer Board, but we benefit from the amazing knowledge, marketing, and experience of the UWW network. 

Recent communications have surfaced from unfortunate messages within an organizing action with the staff at United way Worldwide.  Very quickly, Brian Gallagher, CEO of UWW, issued a statement reaffirming United Way's "unparalleled, committed and supportive" partnership with Organized Labor for 75 years.  He went on, "Our shared interests in preparing young people and all workers for jobs, improving income security, ensuring access to adequate health care, and building and maintaining our middle-class, call us to work together for the common good.  To that end, United Way's dedication and commitment to our partnership with Organized Labor has never been stronger."

Here in Northwest Indiana, our United Ways have enjoyed a solid partnership with Organized Labor during our entire existence, every step of the way.  We have always had Organized Labor's representation and involvement on our Boards and committees, and we have staff devoted to working with our Union partners.  We are dedicated and committed to this partnership, and we are proud to champion the working women and men in our local unions who donate their hard-earned dollars and volunteer their time with United Way to give a hand-up to families in our community.  We look forward to continuing our work together to advance the common good in Northwest Indiana!

Dan Murchek, Lake Area United Way Board Member & President, NWI Federation of Labor