Our Focus

Everyone in Lake County deserves the chance to thrive!


Our community Impact Funds invest in both direct services for families and the systems in our community that support those families. These funds support collective efforts to more holistically help Lake County families.



Quality, Affordable Childcare

  • Assists families in identifying and accessing quality childcare, and providing options to make it more affordable for working families engaged with Lake Area United Way
  • Quality Childcare has been proven to decrease incarceration rates, strengthen parent’s job stability and wages, and decrease the number of social services needed


Collaborative Efforts

  • Convenes service providers in Lake County through United For Families Network
  • Creates, measures, and produces shared community goals to support Lake County families


Barrier Buster

  • Provides immediate and emergency assistance of vital needs, such as food, shelter, and utilities


Financial Stability

  • Job Skills: Identify and promote continued education and skill development.
  • Financial Stability: Promote financial coaching and income management.


Family Career Navigator

  • Connects families to services to help address immediate needs
  • Assists families and individuals in accessing pathways, such as additional education or job training, to better paying jobs



Meet ALICE in our Community


Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed



This isn’t a budgeting issue, this is a resource issue. ALICE families live above the  Federal Poverty Income level, which is $25,750 for a family of 4, making them ineligible for most social supports available today. More than 40,000 households in Lake County are working hard, but are not making enough income to cover their basic needs. These families are forced to make tough choices every single day. What would you do-put gas in the car so you can get to work, or buy your child’s cough medicine? Lake Area United Way believes that no working family should be forced to make these types of decisions.