Non-Profit Capacity Building

OUR Capacity Building INITIATIVES

Lake Area United Way is on a mission to build the capacity of non-profits and faith based organizations serving Struggling Working Families in Lake County. 




Organizations that working families rely on for support and services face operational obstacles that can hinder their ability to serve. 

Lake Area United Way develops strategies to improve the effectiveness, financial stability, and program quality of local non-profit and faith based organizations. 





CharityTracker is a sophisticated web based shared case management system that connects multiple service providers (nonprofits, faith based organizations, government entities, etc.) to a common database to track and record assistance that is provided to individuals in real time.  The database enables service providers to quickly see how and when an individual or family is being assisted by other organizations in the community.  The system reduces duplication of services, streamlines client referrals to other organizations, and can monitor case management plans for clients across multiple providers.

Lake Area United Way provides participating organizations access to CharityTracker at no cost.  Additionally, United Way provides free consultation services to create implementation plans at the organization level, assistance with acquisition of hardware, and on-boarding support for employees and volunteers.

For more information, contact:

Erin Meisner, Community Impact Manager 
219-923-2302 ext.316



United for Families Network

The United for Families Network (UFFN) is a new initiative of Lake Area United Way, focused on bringing together nonprofits, faith based organizations and service providers sharing a common mission of supporting Struggling Working Families in Lake County.  UFFN members are committed to a common goal - improve the quality, availability and accessibility of supports for Struggling Working Families in Lake County.  UFFN hosts monthly membership meetings that provide networking opportunities, professional development, and awareness of community resources.

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Customer Service & Implicit Bias Training

This interactive, non-judgmental training experience is ideal for staff and volunteers that interact with program participants and community members.  The training will enable staff and volunteers to:

  • Understand key implicit bias concepts and how they impact client and community interactions.
  • interact with community members and program participants in a caring, non-judgmental manner.
  • Learn skills and strategies to improve interpersonal communications.
  • Create policies that provide clear instructions and procedures in community and client interactions.
  • Deescalate angry or tension filled interactions.