Level Up

Are You Ready To Level Up?


Ask yourself...

  • Do you work all the time, but have trouble making ends meet?
  • Have you missed work because your child care is not reliable?
  • Do you want to move up in your career, but you need more training or education?
  • Are you one car repair or financial emergency away from being pushed over the edge?

Level Up is a pilot program designed to provide you with information and referrals for services including job skills training, scholarships, basic needs supports, mental health resources, and one-on-one support from a Family Career Navigator.


Level Up can help you...

  • Find quality affordable child care or care for aging parents.
  • Access training, licensing, and credentialing opportunities.
  • Learn about budgeting, saving, and debt reduction.
  • Develop and deepen support systems among friends and neighbors.

Depending on your personal goals and financial situation, the program will last anywhere from 12-24 months.

Benefits for participants:

  • 1:1 support and encouragement from your Family Career Navigator
  • 1:1 financial coaching and/or educational workshops (budgeting/expense planning, credit repair, savings, buying vs. renting, home ownership, etc.)
  • Scholarships to pay for certifications that will lead to better paying jobs
  • Navigation to community resources based on your unique circumstances
  • Access to barrier buster emergency grants, including child care, while funds are available

Criteria for participation in Level Up:

  • Resides in Lake County, Indiana
  • Is currently employed and seeking a better paying job
  • Meets ALICE income/household size guidelines: Click Here
  • Currently has reliable transportation (to get to/from class)
  • Enrolls in the Level Up program offered by Lake Area United Way
  • Pursues certification opportunity that aligns with their career goals. Participants explore career paths using the no cost Indiana Career Explorer Assessment tool.
  • Sets goals for financial education, skill development, and career progression
  • Commits to making progress on goals and education
  • Commits to weekly text/phone/in person “check-ins” with assigned Family Career Navigator
  • Commits to 1x per month Level Up Meeting (4th Saturday morning or 4th Tuesday evening)
  • May offer this benefit to all ALICE employees, or may select ALICE employees to take advantage of this opportunity to groom them into higher wage positions within the organization.
  • Understand that Lake Area United Way Family Career Navigators are focused on helping Level Up participants achieve their personal career and employment goals. The Navigators work on behalf of the clients, not participating organizations.
  • Acknowledge that employees who earn certifications may seek better paying employment within your organization or outside of your organization.