Level Up

Are You Ready To Level Up?


Ask yourself...

  • Do you work all the time, but have trouble making ends meet?
  • Have you missed work because your child care is not reliable?
  • Do you want to move up in your career, but you need more training or education?
  • Are you one car repair or financial emergency away from being pushed over the edge?

Level Up is a pilot program designed to provide you with information and referrals for services including job skills training, scholarships, basic needs supports, mental health resources, and one-on-one support from a Family Career Navigator.


Level Up can help you...

  • Find quality affordable child care or care for aging parents.
  • Access training, licensing, and credentialing opportunities.
  • Learn about budgeting, saving, and debt reduction.
  • Develop and deepen support systems among friends and neighbors.

Depending on your personal goals and financial situation, the program will last anywhere from 12-24 months.