Good work depends on the ideas and strategies of a diverse group of people fighting for a common goal. Lake Area United Way needs YOU to be a partner.

We’re fighting to get struggling, working families (ALICE) on a path to financial wellness through livable wage jobs, quality, affordable childcare, and basic supports.

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Andrea Proulx Buinicki, CFRE

Vice President, Community Impact

Lake Area United Way


We’re focused on connecting hard-working people with job skills training, good paying job opportunities, and basic supports for their families. We’re a group of major region employers, human resource professionals, educational institutions, workforce development professionals, trade program leaders, faith leaders, and nonprofit employment specialists.

You can help us grow the Level Up program. You can put struggling, hard-working people on a new career path so they can provide for their families.

We’re helping struggling, working families overcome a barrier to going back to school or getting a better paying job. Our goal is to make quality child care and out-of-school care available when working parents need it AND at a price they can afford. Quality, affordable child care and out-of-school care sets the next generation up for success in school and work. We’re parents, child care providers, youth development specialists, faith leaders, and educators.

You can help us find solutions for child care deserts, develop strategies for back-up and sick care, and create child care grants for struggling, working parents.

Financial well-being is: having control over day-to-day, month-to-month finances; having capacity to absorb a financial shock, being on-track to meet your financial goals; and having financial freedom to make choices that allow you to enjoy life.[1] Struggling, working families need training, coaching, and accountability partners on their journey to financial wellness. And, they need to know how to connect to resources from government, local financial institutions, and nonprofits that incentivize home ownership and debt reduction.

You can help us create pathways for struggling, working families who are motivated to achieve financial wellness.

[1] Consumer Financial Protection Bureau