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Lake Area United Way helps families thrive.  Every year, we depend on the generosity of our caring community to raise the funds that help over 180,000 individuals in our community. This year, with so many in our community being impacted by the pandemic, we need your support NOW MORE THAN EVER to help families THRIVE. If you have been on the fence about getting involved- NOW IS THE TIME TO ACT! Your community needs you to GIVE, to VOLUNTEER, or to ADVOCATE for those who call Lake County home.

1 in 4 Lake County families are struggling to make ends meet. Many are working two or three jobs, juggling schedules and child care, to simply be able to pay their rent and buy groceries. Through your compassionate support, Lake Area United Way and it’s key partners are working with these families to ensure they are able to meet their basic needs, are working toward obtaining a better paying job (through job skills training, networking, and skill building), are able to access quality child care, and understand financial basics that can help lead them to a place of financial stability. Financially stable families are not just struggling to survive every day, they are able to actually THRIVE and have the ability to reach their full potential.

Click the video below to learn how your gift helps families thrive.  From nearly homeless to home ownership.  From drowning in debt to budgeting and rebuilding credit.  From barely surviving, to fully thriving.  Your support is making dreams a reality for so many families across Lake County. But we can't do it without you.  Please, make your gift, volunteer, or advocate today.

There are many ways you can help families THRIVE!  Click the icons below to learn how you can get involved: